We’ve reinvented the entire process of designing, building and delivering homes. From concept to assembly, we do it all.

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At Perry Modular, we’ve developed an innovative, systematic and sustainable way to build, while incorporating contemporary and stylish designs.

We draw on modular and prefabricated design and construction techniques, creating a palette of space configurations to create smart and practical homes.

The Perry Modular System

What are Modules?

A module is a section of each home made from welded or bolted connected structural steel frames. The modules are combined onsite to make the complete home. Building in modules allows us to easily transport our modular homes from our factory in Cambridge.

Modules are prefabricated

Every module is precision built and assembled in our Cambridge factory prior to delivery to site. Thanks to the extra rigidity and robustness of our steel frames, we can transport our modular homes with the majority of internal works like painting, tiling and joinery already complete.

Assembling prebuilt modules is smooth and simple

We use a crane to lift our modules into position, where they are bolted to pre-installed screw-pile foundations, then clipped together. The transport and installation of each new modular home typically takes less than one day.

Modules are designed in several formats

We use a range of different sized modules to suit each home design. A module can range from 2.4m in width and 6m in length, with a combination of different modules to generate the desired design. To maximise efficiency all of our standard modules are rectangular with a mono-pitched roof – however we can create angular shaped modules and shallow gable roofs if desired to produce more unique and bespoke types of homes.

Smaller sized modules allows us to access difficult sites

If site access is tight or steep due to narrow roads, buildings or vegetation, we are still able to transport our smaller modules to site by truck. While standard and open sites are obviously easier, as long as we can get a truck to your site, we can build there.

Our modules are robust

Our unique steel frame system allows us to look outside the realms of NZS 3604.  Our modules have the capability to be stacked up to five storeys without extra engineering design.  Our sustainable homes are also built to withstand hurricane force winds and exceed all NZ Building Code wind load standards.

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