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A Better Way To Build

Perry Modular Homes has established “A Better Way To Build” partnering with property developers, community housing providers, home owners and investors to build high quality homes and residential projects. 

By partnering with Perry Modular Homes unique design and offsite construction process, developers can now specify and plan projects with confidence and an assurance of faster completion, superior build quality and increased project margins.

The old adage “Time is money” is true, especially in construction. Perry Modular’s “3D volumetric” methodology can save up to 30% on project timeframes, reducing project finance costs and creating sales and rental income sooner.

Our Approach

Precision built within our 20 bay state-of-the-art factory, Perry Modular Homes are constructed in sturdy steel framed 3 dimensional volumetric pods, and delivered to pre-prepped sites for rapid assembly. Starting with our range of elegantly crafted and multi-level designs, we encourage early design engagement with our clients to ensure the most efficient, practical and aesthetically pleasing outcome.

Exploring the Benefits

The benefits of offsite modular construction are many, including an all weather proof manufacturing environment, reduced onsite work, less onsite staff, less onsite traffic, heightened quality control, and enhanced waste reduction. Factory built homes afford improved quality in both standard and custom designs, largely due to our controlled weatherproofed environment that utilises experienced production “teams” rather than on-site individuals.  Operating within a warm, dry and controlled environment also leads to improved staff welfare and health and safety.. 

These benefits explain why the world is moving towards modular.  Put simply, offsite modular construction is a higher quality and faster way to produce housing.

Our Values

Perry Group was founded in 1954 by Brian Perry, and Brian’s personal and business philosophy remains firmly embedded in our values, 66 years on.

You win, we win! Perry Modular strives to provide its clients with winning building projects and winning outcomes, right first time, every time!

Perry Group have a +40 year history of supporting the greater Waikato community through the Brian Perry Charitable Trust, check out our work here;

We are constantly searching for motivated and caring people to join our Perry team. Achieving team goals and having fun getting there is what it’s all about.

Our mission is to build high quality affordable homes while driving building costs down.. We demand excellence not only from ourselves, but our entire supply chain.

We are a proud Waikato company and proud of our elegant homes, we hope you will be too!

Want to deliver superior quality homes faster and more cost-effectively?

Talk to us now and join the future of residential construction.